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We have two 3-D tournaments a year.  The 1st is our Traditional tournament in early February.  The 2nd is our BSC Rendezvous which is held in the Spring and consist of the annual business meeting, 3-D tournament, Bowfishing tournament and other events.  We also currently have a Traditional bow 3-D circuit.

        2015 Traditional Championship

Male Traditional Recurve
Robert Radford       317
Roy Easom             302
Tom Matherly         271

Jimmy Sanders       264
Fred Connor           231
Joe Sherer             226
Dean Bourroughs    223
Conrad Smith         212
Barrie Ravan          203
Dana Campbell       199
Clyde Smith           188
Joe Brittain            178
Kelly Geddings       144
Clark Archer            98
Ralph Helmy           NS
Steve Cumbee        NS

Male Long Bow
Steven Cockrell      336
Mike Ryles             302
Ira Parnell             291
Doug Warren         286
Darrin Parry          272
Larry Cuttino         251
Benji Bouknight     240
Terry Carter          229
James Mills           220
Greg Bourroughs   216
James Bailey         203
Jesse Tanner          NS

Male Modern Recurve(added side mounted rest)
Tom Boruk            333
David Shull           256
Julian Cumbee      241
Johnnie Sherer     209
Ryan Shirer          131

Male Primitive
Kenny Kearse      136

Female Recurve
Linda Brittain      230
Casey Parry        188
Anya Parry           48

Female Long Bow
Dianne Carter     205
Jill Cockrell         171
Mary Ann Shirer  149
Susan Parry        131
Melissa Gleason    68