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                              BSC Rabbit Hunt

Our annual rabbit bow hunt will be February 1st, at 8am in Eutawville, SC.  Bring as many kids as your can round up, it's a great 1st hunt if they have never been in the woods.  Email me if you are interested.

                       Bowhunters of South Carolina

                   Traditional Archery Championship


Calling all traditional archers,

     It’s coming up on the time for the 2014 Bowhunters of South Carolina Traditional Championship.  The dates are February 14-16.  As in years past it will be at the Rocks Pond Campground, in Eutawville, SC.  The 14th will only feature a night “coon” shoot, soon as it gets dark. 50% payback.

     The 15th and 16st will be a 40 target 3-D course.   There will be a 20 target hunter scored round Sunday morning, using a shot gun start.  Binoculars are okay on the range.  There will be a camp meal provided Saturday night.  Vendors can set up free of charge.

     Special novelty shoots will take place Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday night will be another “coon” shoot.  Times for the Canoe Shoot will be announced on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  This was enjoyed by many last year.   There will be a long distance shot, and toughman round.  There will also be a pop up target tournament off the stage in the field, put on by Lake Marion Archery club.

     Recurves will be broken in to 2 classes as before, recurves shot off the shelf and those that have some type of added rest.  Those shooting a rest may use up to a 12” stabilizer.  All bows must be shot using finger release and the index finger must touch the arrow.  No face or string walking, and no sights.  The only arrow restriction is, arrows are expected to be within 10 grains weight of each other in a shooters quiver.  Self bows must shoot wood, cane, or other plant fibers arrows.

    Bring a friend; if you don’t have fun, it’s your own fault.  Campground info  Get canal side sites for better rates and be close to the action.  Bring a fishing pole, the fish might be biting.  Big Jim’s Bow Company will be back.  There are also rentals along the diversion canal area.

                   David Shull-BSC President or 803-609-7318



Bowfishing Challenge 

Current SC Bow fishing records:

Bowfin: 15-7 Santee Cooper, 1994 Jimmie Wright, Lincoln, NC
Carp: 58-0 Lake Murray, 2000 Kenneth O. Shealy, Prosperity, SC
Longnose Gar: 25-6 Lake Murray, 2008 John Williamson, Holly Springs, NC


Notice 2 of 3 records are held by non residents.  In orders to correct this situation, any SC resident reclaiming a record will receive a 1 year BSC membership if not a member, or their current BSC membership extended 1 year.


                                              David Shull

                                              BSC President